Our Featured Artist is:
Christian Recording Artist Gary Jenkins
Gary Jenkins
Christian Recording Artist from North Carolina

 Gary Jenkins is a very talented singer song writer based in North Carolina. His new CD is titled, With All His Love. The first video from the album titled, He's My Friend is here to see below. We hope you enjoy this powerful song and CD from Gary Jenkins.

The CD's Producer says:
When I first meet Gary Jenkins, I knew he was the kind of person who is easy to like, Right away, I liked him. In Gary its easy to see a man who is unpretentious, certainly not a promoter of himself but one who has a song in his heart which would be there whether or not anyone else listened. But Gary's songs and his singing are very listenable. His songs speak of things that we Christians need to  remember as we face our daily challenges. They remind us that there are so many lost around us that we need be a witness to. And they challenge us to always keep Jesus foremost in our lives, although in humility that we admit sometimes he's not first.
I'm inspired to wonder just how it was to walk on earth with Jesus when Gary sings "With All His Love "then I get excited to realize that I'm a child of God, Not only does God love me but He's My Friend. The project title " With All His Love " isn't meant to describe Gary Jenkins, of course it speaks of Jesus. I truly believe that our lives will be enriched if we apply the truths found in these songs. Thanks Gary for sharing your heart and for blessing us with your music.

    You can learn more about this fine Christian artist and buy Gary's CD With All His Love at his CD Baby website. Be sure to enter our Featured Artist Drawing to win a free copy of Gary Jenkins' CD, With All His Love. Just send us your name and mailing address, and we will hold the drawing soon. 

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